Exterior Living Spaces

PictureOne of the most overlooked areas of many homes is the space on the outside.  Your yard is a great getaway area where you can escape to have time to yourself or entertain guests.  What about a sun-drenched deck and covered dining area?  Our job is to make your outdoor living space your own peaceful paradise.  We offer full 3D designs and layouts so that you can visualize the final result and make changes before construction begins.  A well thought out and constructed outdoor living space will increase the value of any home.  If you can dream it, we can create it!


Decks, Fences, Awnings & Pergolas

PictureLandscapes, hardscapes and custom decks that create outdoor living space is a growing trend that adds functionality and elegance to any home.  A beautifully landscaped yard and deck provide a comfortable area to relax and entertain family and friends.  Georgian Bay Construction and Renovations will work with you to create an outdoor space that reflects your lifestyle including layout, lighting placement – even windows and furnishings.  Georgian Bay Construction and Renovations offers many different decking products from traditional pressure treated and cedar materials to mahogany and composite products like Trexx, Eon, Veranda and Timber Tech.

Awnings and pergolas are also great additions to most decks, backyards, and gardens.


Boardwalks & Walkways

PictureWhether you are seeking a large scale boardwalk for waterfront parks, commercial common areas or trying to cover rough terrain we are here to assist you!  Georgian Bay Construction and Renovations has worked in several municipalities across Ontario installing waterfront structures and boardwalks.  We are accustomed to finding solutions to any problems presented to us in and almost always complete these projects ahead of time and within budget. New heavy duty, maintenance-free products can add years of longevity to your project, allowing you to avoid costly repairs and avoid replacement costs down the road.


Boat Houses & Docks

PictureGeorgian Bay Construction and Renovations can manage all of your marine applications.  Our Certified Commercial Divers have international experience in underwater construction.  From the frigid waters of the North Shores of Scotland to the warm waters of the Caribbean, our divers have earned their qualifications to perform any water-related project.

With Georgian Bay Construction and Renovations you do not have to split your underwater and above water construction between 2 or 3 companies.  We understand and provide comprehensive installations for many types of waterfront applications.


Marine Applications

PictureWhen you are buying a property with a boathouse or dock it is equally important to make sure these structures are fully inspected.  Our team can perform a preliminary inspection as a condition of purchase as well as provide annual inspections to check cribbing and piles for excessive corrosion, wear and shifting.  Narrated video inspections are available and are of great assistance when trying to sell your waterfront property.  We can examine all aspects of your potential acquisition, including supports, bracing, piping, geothermal units as well as all associated hardware.

Other Commercial Diving services include welding, cutting, and demolition.  Vehicle recovery is also available.


Cathodic Protection

PictureCathodic Protection (CP) is a technique to control the corrosion of a metal surface by making it work as a cathode of an electrochemical cell. This is achieved by placing in contact with the metal to be protected (your dock or boathouse structure), another more easily corroded metal to act as the anode of the electrochemical cell. This is generally referred to as a sacrificial anode, as you sacrifice one metal to save another.  Effectively, through shielding your underwater structure from the corrosive properties all marine environments present you will add years to the life of your dock and boathouse.  Nearly all structural failures are a direct result of excessive corrosion.  Support piles, cross members and exposed beams at the water line, are the most severely affected.  All of which can be safeguarded through cathodic protection.



Georgian Bay Construction and Renovations can create regular play structures or custom play areas that are guaranteed to ignite your child’s imagination. Playgrounds,  tree houses or play forts, swing sets or confidence courses, Georgian Bay Construction and Renovations can help! We can work with you to choose a structure that suits your needs and space requirements, or we can customize a design that fits your specific needs. Georgian Bay Construction and Renovations works with several manufacturers in both the United States and Canada, allowing us to make informed decisions on designs, layouts, pricing, and installation. Remember, these are your children playing on these sets: wouldn’t you want the peace of mind knowing that it was set-up properly and safely? Our installers have undergone rigorous training courses to ensure each play set is installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.